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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Late October Update

28 October 2012

I think the cumulative effects of chemo and the white cell booster got the better part of Susan this last week.  She's tended to sleep more than usual and a on few days had mild nausea. However she's NOT been sick to her stomach when staying on her medications.  Man, they have drugs for everything anymore. Fortunately the nausea stuff works!

Another welcomed
wish from Elly and Audrey
Last Sunday we had a webcam call with Brad, Amanda and Jaxson.  You'll remember our post from a week ago that Brad and Jaxson got their hair cut like Grandma - a buzz cut.  Well, I complimented Jaxson about his haircut. He said his dad gave it to him and he laughed.  

So I asked him if he wanted to see Grandma's new haircut.  He was puzzled but agreed.  So Susan (surprisingly but on queue) leaned off camera, flipped her wig off and came back on camera.  

Talk about a surprised 4 year old!  Jaxson's mouth dropped open and he went absolutely silent, staring at his grandma without hair.  It totally shocked him into a complete silence.  Actually I think he got a little embarrassed.  But then the truth is I think Brad and Amanda were also a bit shocked by what had just happened.  

Susan takes in good stride and says "you have to have some humor in it".  That's telling isn't it !   Anyway it was a funny happening and glad we did it.   

The Beauty and The Beasts
I mentioned Susan is getting her sleep in this week.  Riley and Rocco still love it as it gives them time to sleep in with "mama dog". 

On Thursday, Susan's sister Peg and husband Jerry flew in from Colorado for a week stay.  It's been good and helped get Susan moving again.  They spent a few hours on Friday doing some shopping for yarn and other things.  Susan got a late nap in and was ready for dinner at the Symposium Cafe.

Peg came prepared to help Susan with new head gear.  She knitted a nice red stocking cap that will serve Susan well the next few months.  Here is the final fitting......

And here is the final product.......

They've had a good time together this week - hanging our being sisters.

Tomorrow their mother will come for a day visit travelling with Susan's cousin Ron and wife Elaine.  Very nice of them to drive down for the day.

Elly's 6th birthday was also this past week.  We were unable to help her celebrate it in Columbia, SC but she had a fun birthday on Friday.  Later in the day we received some photos of the occasion and the new Halloween decorations at their house.  

Elly decided, all on her own, to get an extra pumpkin for their house display.  We thought that was extra special and Susan appreciated it so much.  Thank you Elly and Audrey you are wonderful granddaughters.

Denton House Columbia SC
October 2012

Elly & Audrey October 2012
Pink Cowgirl Audrey 10/12
Nice Hat Audrey 10/12
Elly's 6th Birthday 10/12 

Best to you all and until next time - Cheers.  Happy Halloween and don't forget to vote.

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  1. Thanks for the "Susan update" ~ sorry to hear that last week was a bad week, hope this week will find Susan feeling better. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love the hats!!
    Love, Sharon and Ken