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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Hair Event

This morning Susan visited her friend and hair dresser for a ceremonial shave.  Fran, owner of N2U in Moline, suggested Susan make the first passes.  She has found from other clients that it can be therapeutic.  Fran actually came in on one of her rare days off to do this for Susan.  You're great Fran!

After a good hair wash....

Susan took the shears, then sloooowly made the move and ....

...began the cut with a slow but clean pass front to back across the top of her head.

After a couple of rows she ended up with a "Larry" cut. She smiled the whole time.

             Fran then grabbed the shears and finished it off.  Susan was as beautiful as ever !! 

Okay, this is NOT Susan
but you get the idea.
(Hint, see photo of Brad below)
The Real Deal
(Okay at 6 months)

When we got home Susan surprised Riley and Rocco with her new look.  They just had to give her a "we love you momma-dog" welcome home lick. Susan really does have a good head. Seriously!

Dammit Doll

Susan's favorite nephew, Chad and his wife Rebecca, sent her a nifty little gift this week in preparation for the hair loss event.  She's not used it yet ... but there may come a time.  In the meantime it has given her a big smile and welcomed lift. 

Last night we received photos of son Brad and grandson Jaxson in Yuma AZ. They decided to honor Mom and Grandma with their own high and tight hair cuts.  Nice job guys!! 

Next up it's back to Betty's Wig Boutique in the East Village on Monday with friend and neighbor Annie S for a fitting of the final selections.  Wednesday 17 October (Wear Your Pink Day) is Susan's next chemo treatment.  

Thanks again so very much for all the notes, calls, cards, thoughts and prayers.  Susan is in great spirit and knows she is blessed with so many wonderful friends, neighbors and family.  

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  1. Susan, you are so strong and brave. I wish we all could approach our life changing events with such grace and humor. You are an inspiration for us all.