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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Number 2: Complete!

New Look:

Another busy week for Susan with her new hairs, a blood draw, chemo and a white blood cell count booster.

After an early blood draw on Monday, friend and neighbor Annie took Susan back to Betty's Wig Boutique to be fitted for some new hair.  They had a great time at the fitting and at lunch afterward.  

Annie Stern and Susan

From Annie and Dave

Not knowing they were back as I was about to leave for errands I was shocked when I opened the garage door.  Here were these two "knock out" ladies standing in my driveway smiling at me. They scared the bajeebers out of me for that spit second. They said they wanted to see the look on my face.  Well they got one!

Susan picked up a couple of very nice hair pieces along with some classy skull caps.  She says she now knows why guys wear caps because her head gets cold.  But she fixed that with her night caps.  No, not the alcoholic kind, 'cause she can't imbibe during treatment. They are nice ones and she looks great in them - and without them. 

Treatment #2:

Susan at the start of #2
On Tuesday Susan met with Dr. Sy (oncologist) prior to her second chemo treatment.  He is very attentive from the moment he comes into the exam room and is very aware of her every expression and movement.  That's a good thing and we're glad to have him leading the team!  

He sees her white count is a bit low and recommended a white cell count booster which she got today.  

Wednesday was chemo treatment number 2.  It took about 2-1/2 hours but went well.  Susan smiles going in and is smiling coming out of it.  Two down and fourteen to go.

I'm always struck at how the oncology nurses don their "hazmat gear" when they change the drug bags.  This week I asked them about it.  Kara says it's for accidental spillage.  Hmmm,  I guess it's every man for himself. 

Susan at the end of #2
Susan is doing very well with the treatments and they are doing a great job of managing/preventing nausea.  To this point she has not been sick to her stomach - thank you very much. 

Her spirit is high and her wit and humor as sharp as ever. She continues to volunteer at one of the hospitals with her good friend Connie Clay every other Tuesday.  It's good therapy for Susan and Connie is great company.    

Our oldest granddaughter Elly and her sister Audrey sent Grandma Susan a wonderful pick-me-up note along with some of Elly's art work.  We're blessed!

Copyright Ellyson Grace Denton
Oct 2012

Thank you so much for your continued support of Susan via your notes, cards and prayers. She's a lucky lady - and I'm a lucky man.  

Next up is chemo #3 on 7 November.


  1. I'm so so so very proud of you, Susan! Looks awesome - keep up the great work.

  2. Another milestone met...great job Susan! So glad to hear the nausea is under control. So hopefully that means you still have a good appetite. Kudos to you for your strength and fortitude. Again, thank you so much to you both for this wonderful website. Such a great way to keep us all in the know. Hugs to you, and your 'guy support'....Roger, Riley, and Rocco!
    Love, Bec

  3. I have never been more proud to say, "That's my little sister"! You've always had it, but now, you have more style and grace than ever....and I admire you to the max. Remember, "Maroon & gold fight, fight!!!" See you next week. God Bless.
    Love Always, Y O S, Peg

  4. You are such an inspiration for all of us, your friends.

  5. So happy to hear that treatment 2 went well, that is a relief. What a blessing that you have not gotten sick. Susan, you look great in your new hair! Thanks again for keeping us posted. Love, Ken and Sharon ;-)

  6. So wonderful that you keep smiling! You truly do inspire me! Thank you both for keeping us updated - that is really appreciated. Susan, let me know if you feel like company some day and I'll pop over or we can meet up somewhere. Hugs, prayers & blessings, **Denise D